Reliable and Convenient Paper Shipping

Since 1980 we’ve serviced the pulp and paper industry and grown to be one of the most respected providers. Why? Because we ensure on-time delivery.

Always Stay On Schedule

Timeliness is essential in the paper business. IDI keeps your paper shipments on schedule by working with the best drayage providers and drivers—and constantly monitoring progress.

IDI Paper Services

“IDI has been a fantastic partner. Honesty and integrity are not easy to find in the freight world and IDI has both.”

Tim Havel


Paper Transport Services

We do it all — transporting paper by rail nationwide, shipping critical machinery and equipment over-the-road, and getting recycled paper to the mills.

IDI Paper Shipping Services

Supporting Every Aspect of Paper Manufacturing

Our freight forwarding company has been focused on paper shipment success for several decades and counting. IDI is here to lend support and keep the presses moving.

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