Intermodal Transportation You Can Trust

With decades of industry experience, our intermodal experts orchestrate every step of the process and make sure your products are safe in transit.

Keeping Your Products Moving

Our intermodal team has long-standing relationships with rail and drayage companies throughout North America. We keep your products moving and keep you informed.

Terminal Forest Products

“Our company is a loyal, confident, appreciative customer of IDI and for good reason. For many, many years we have entrusted our business to the IDI family only to be serviced at the highest level with friendliness, honesty and competitiveness. Is there really anything else one needs?”

Terry Gaines


End-to-End Intermodal Support

From origination to delivery, IDI takes ownership of the entire intermodal transportation process. If a delay happens or an issue arises we communicate immediately, create quick solutions, and get your products back on track.

Intermodal Services​

With IDI intermodal transport services, your products will reach their destination safely and on-time.

IDI Intermodal Transcontinental

Your Intermodal Process is Taken Care Of

With IDI, you’ll gain confidence when you see how easy it is to transport your products with a dedicated team that cares about your business.

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